Tower Chalet is a student at the September Institute in House Rose Moon.

He was a friend of Mako's when he attended the Institute. He's described as a large, bronze dude with floofy hair that would be really nice if he kept it together, but he's too much of a mess to deal with it.

At the school dance, he dressed up as "a young, hot Hadrian."


This page contains information that is by its nature a spoiler. If you do not wish to know the secrets of the Golden Branch Sector, please turn back.


When the Chime infiltrated the Institute to find information about Maryland September, he and Mako encountered each other. They recognized each other as good friends and developed some romantic interest. Mako and Tower danced together at the Hieron Formal; however, Mako had to leave Tower to continue his mission. When Mode City was shunted into interdimensional space Mako chose to abandon Tower so that he could save Lazer Ted.

Of note despite being in House Rose Moon, Tower was not a genetically modified clone of Maryland September.

While trapped in interdimensional space, Tower was assimilated by Voice and Rigour. When Liberty escaped from the interdimensional prison, Tower piloted one of the Rigour units that pursued him. During this battle Tower attacked Aria Joie in her new Righteous Regent, and was killed by Jillian Red.