Territory Jazz was a Diasporan mercenary. He piloted a "Keyfield suit", which allowed him to control several large armored satellites as well as eight large attack drones. He is the father of Territory Jazz Jr., who also pilots a Keyfield suit, similar to her father's. 


Territory Jazz is described as slender, with long, silver hair styled up, wearing red goggles and a bright turquoise suit. 

Keyfield Suit

Territory Jazz pilots a unique rigger known as a Keyfield suit. The suit consists of several rounded drones enclosing its pilot in an armored shell, and eight large, circular attack drones. The drones are described as "A Honda Civic if a Honda Civic was a circle". The drones act as a distributed processing network, with two drones handling scanning, while another coordinates tactical maneuversfor the entire group. The primary rigger, composed of oblong satellites, works as a central server for the attack drones. The satellites can separate, and while they are unarmed, are able to serve as moving platforms for their pilots. They also each have a laser tether that can be used to grab and pull apart enemies. 

Battle in Seabed City

Territory Jazz was the primary combatant vs The Chime in the early stages of the Battle of Seabed City in Episode 17. Jazz used his drones to devastate the city with trench run style attacks, drawing out The Chime while he searched for the Golden Orb. Jazz's drones did fair damage to The Chime, including tearing a leg off of the Regent's Brilliance and sawing into the cockpit of the Megalophile, forcing Cass to eject. During his ejection from his mech, Cass managed to disrupt Jazz's drones with a flood of Apostolosian information, giving him an opening to take a single shot, killing Jazz instantly.