A Stratus is an individual with an enhanced almost psychic connection to computerized systems, especially vehicles/mechs. This also allows them to sense/interact with/understand Divines more easily than most individuals. Strati come in two forms Natural Strati and Induced Strati.

Natural Strati

These individuals occur naturally and seemingly at random. They have a "sixth sense" about machines that allows them to perform amazing techniques and gain the best performance from machines they operate. They also can sense/speak to a Divines AI far better than other non-Candidates. Jace Rethal was a Natural Stratus.

Induced Strati

The September Institute has discovered a method for transforming certain children into a more powerful variant of Stratus. Instead of having an instinctive sixth sense regarding computers and vehicles, they can mentally connect with computer systems and subvert them bending them to the Strati whim. This ability is referred to as Fogging and works quite well against Divines. It is much harder for a Stratus to control the foreign systems used by Apostolosian systems.

Additional Notes

  • In Episode 08, Keith describes Fogging as feeling like sensing the vibrations of a video game controller during a lock picking mini-game.