The September Institute, based in Mode City on the planet September, is an institute that teaches Strati from the elementary to graduate school levels. The school is divided into the houses of Rose Moon, White Star, Blue World, and Gold Slate. The current head of the September Institute is Provost-Regent Twelfth.

Few people know that it is actually an OriCon research project created to find ways to disrupt or control Divines which at some point uncovered the existence of individuals who could sense and interact with machines in an instinctive and almost psychic manner. The Institute eventually determined how to induce and enhance these powers in certain children, creating individuals capable of mentally interfacing with and controlling computer systems, or even deceiving and subverting Divines.

On September, children are identified at birth as potential Strati and taken from their families to the September Institute. Mako Trig is one such child. He was raised at the Institute and successfully went through the program, but was eventually let go for "not performing to expectations."


The September Institute was in fact founded by Diasporans Attar Rose and Maryland September during the industrialization of the planet Service II, now called September. Their goal was to use the programs of Righteousness to create both induced Strati and the Divine Voice in order to destabilize the Diasporan reliance on Divines. They also established the institute under OriCon leadership in order to further mask its origins and purpose.

However, neither remained in a direct administrative role for long, as Rose was focused on his Candidacy and September on her duties as a member of the faculty (and later her retirement). Instead, Rose, on the advice of Liberty and Discovery, appointed the planet's young leader Sinner Twelt and the Tzadik as his stand-ins, and kept a hands-off approach to the Institute.

At some point, the Institute began cloning people using loopholes in their contracts. Mako Trig and Maritime Lapel are two examples of a group of genetically-altered clones of Maryland September.

Many people in the Institute and on the planet were implanted with false memories using the abilities of Voice and the rains of September, erasing the Institute administration's actions.