Seabed City is a location on Counterweight, home to the Iron Choir and their leader, Sister Rust.

It is the current resting place of the Divine Order (formerly Peace). The Iron Choir include Order in their worship, as they consider Order to be "dead metal".

The Golden Orb allows for agriculture to flourish in direct proximity to Order, though raids conducted by Iron Choir members on nearby caravans suggest Seabed City is not entirely self-sufficient. Otherwise, the city and surrounding areas are desert-like in climate.

In accordance with the Iron Choir's doctrine, Seabed City's infrastructure is entirely analog, and its citizens rely on simple machines to conduct everyday operations and defend their city. Seabed City is also in a networking dead zone, meaning that those in proximity to it cannot connect to The Mesh; short-range communications and broadcasts will work, however.

The events of Episode 17 took place primarily in Seabed City.


Seabed City is located in the wreckage of an abandoned dome with a shattered roof. The abandoned dome is located west of Dome 32 and Dome 48.