Provost-Regent Twelfth is a high ranking official at the September Institute. Twelfth was born on the planet September, back when it was known as Service II. Originally named Sinner Twelt, he began going by Twelfth to smooth communication with outsiders from OriCon and the Diaspora. Twelfth was instrumental in changing the provincial Service II into the influential September, drawing economic investment and the Institute to the planet at the expense of its local population.[1]

Technically, he reports to the OriCon military, but due to the highly classified nature of the Institute he has free reign to utilize the project for his own purposes with minimal oversight. A clandestine partnership has formed between Twelfth and Ibex, making the Institute an ally of the Righteous Vanguard. He is currently focusing on subverting the planet Vox and its Divine Loyalty using the synthetic Divine Voice.


Twelfth was actually appointed by the founder of the Institute, Ibex. Their partnership, then, formed during the Institute's founding.

Twelfth is using Voice to speak with Loyalty and their Divine, but Ibex, who has known Loyalty's Candidate Kobus since they were born, has his own ways of bringing Loyalty and Vox around to the side of the Vanguard.

Twelfth's main use for Voice seems to be maintaining the cloud of false memories of the September Institute. This allows him to continue his project of cloning powerful Strati like Maryland September and implanting their clones with false memories.

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