This page contains information that is by its nature a spoiler. If you do not wish to know the secrets of the Golden Branch Sector, please turn back.

Natalya Greaves is a research scientist who was under the employ of Snowtrak Synergies working at the dig site on Ionias researching the signal they detected deep under the ice.

Spoiler: Current Status

In truth Natalya was an agent of the Rapid Evening who was investigating Snowtrak's discovery.

Prior to her current assignment she worked for Fairchild Applied Sciences, during the Golden War she was assigned to The Seventh Sun in an Engineering role and worked with the OriCon/Diaspora joint taskforce to stop the Apostolosian Empire from deploying a super weapon based upon stolen Rapid Evening tech.

After the awakening of Rigour on Ionias, Natalya attempted to go into hiding on the planet and was able to send a brief warning to Ibex. However, when Rigour infiltrated the Chimes memory dive into the events of the Golden War, the primordial Divine discovered Natalya's secret and tracked her down. Rigour then forcibly bonded with Natalya brainwashing her and making her his latest Candidate. He has utilized her knowledge of Rapid Evening operations to root out several of their operations.

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