Minerva XII is the headquarters for the local sector of Minerva Mining and Mechanics and one of the two strongholds of the Minerva Strategic Alliance. Minerva XII-A (the main planet's moon) is rich in minable materials, and is the source of much of Minerva XII's resources and wealth. The planet was once known as Apole and was a part of the Apostolosian Empire. During the Golden War, OriCon seized control of the planet.


Minerva XII's government is part police state, part capitalism-welfare state.

Citizens are paid a very modest living wage, part of which is earmarked for luxury spending; this stipend keeps the general populace appeased while keeping the wages of the lower classes flowing towards the executive class and ruling elite.

Climate / Biome


Minerva XII's environment is hostile, with a toxic atmosphere, unpredictable weather, and super-storms.