Jacqui Green is a cybernetically enhanced hitwoman who loves dancing, explosions and the month of June. Her appearance is Samoan. She first encountered the Chime when she and her former partner and girlfriend Jillian Red were attempting to retrieve the same lethal computer virus as the Chime. She and Aria Joie engaged in a battle in the catwalks over a Aria Joie Holo-concert, where she was defeated by Aria bringing a rigger to a gun fight.

After this encounter Jacqui was dejected by the loss of Jillian. She took a job with Horizon Tactical Solutions to kidnap Jamil Quartz-Noble. This also was interrupted by Aria. This resulted in multiple bystanders being killed at a street festival and Jacui having Aria at her mercy. Aria recognized Jacqui's malaise and convinced her to turn against Horizon and join the Chime.

Jacqui has a prior history with Orth Godlove. She and Jill were one of several groups contacted through his automated security protocols when he was kidnapped. They received the same message as the Chime did.

Jacqui has demonstrated enhanced strength and dexterity, the ability to deploy explosives with from her cybernetic limbs, and excellent fashion sense.

Jacqui is real and she is strong and she is Aria's girlfriend.

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