Opening Narration/Flash Forward

9 months after the September Incident:
After negotiations and debriefings, after concerts and confrontations, the future of the RIghteous Vanguard had been determined. It would happen tomorrow night, all pomp and theatrics. Aria Joie would lift her arm, bright and golden, say a few inspiring words and then the party would be hers. In some ways it had been hers all along. That's what Ibex said anyway.
Jacqui Green ran her fingers along her partner’s brilliant new limb, “So, I have a question. Are you upset that Paisley won’t be here?”
[Ali as Aria:] “I’m more upset Jamil won’t come.”
“I mean she’s just- That’s understandable don't you think?”
“No. I mean, why are you asking about Paisley?”
“I just, you know, you saved him on September after he, whatever he became. He’s not even a man anymore.”
“He meant a lot to me once and- It’s my fault? So, uh I don't know, I couldn't just leave him there. It was a chance that I could have helped him, I would’ve.”
“I’m worried for you, Aria.”
“You know you can't save everybody right?”
“Yeah, but I can try to.”
She laughs, “I thought that too once. Anyway good luck. I’ll be there for you.”
“Thank you.”
And she stands up and walks out the door.

Episode Description

As ships pull into high orbit over September and an uncanny groan bleats from below it, The Chime pair off and move to complete their mission. Cassander and AuDy find themselves wondering if there's more to Dr. September's cabin than meets the eye. Meanwhile, Aria Joie and Mako Trig scrub through the past for an answer to the Institute's biggest mysteries.
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