Opening Narration

OriCon Expeditionary Group Chief Strategy Officer, Trentin Blackford, was pacing. He realized recently that he was always pacing when he was with the Minerva twins, but knowing that didn’t ease his anxious gait. How could it, with the Steiger siblings glaring at him like this?
Crystal broke the silence first, each word as sharp as it was blunt, “As far as we can tell you’ve already lost Ionias and Joypark.”
“And Tetrakal and Vysh,” added Colleen.
“Kaffe too.”
The twins spoke with a ping-pong rhythm, and it left Blackford off balance, just like it had each of Minerva’s corporate rivals before.
“Is Archon secure? Is September? Whatever confidential programme you claim is at work there, has OriCon expeditionary left that at risk too?”
As Blackford responded he took six steps along the far end of the conference room, turned, and repeated the nervous trot again.
“No, no, no. The Institute is fine. It’s fine. I’m sure it’s… Why are you looking at me like that?” Blackford stopped pacing, why even go through the motions of fleeing when they’d already caught him.
“The Institute? Now that is interesting. Tell us more about this institute.”
But they knew enough already. They knew where to look and who to send. Colleen shot her twin a look and with a few small gestures they put their agent in play.

Episode Description

After a near death encounter with a mysterious shooter, The Chime finally makes its way onto the seaside campus of the September Institute. Mako Trig leads the team's investigation, guiding them down hallways real and virtual, old and new. Meanwhile, Cass manages their concerns (and his temper), Aria deals with a surprise reunion, and on a mechanistic instinct, AuDy plants a seed more important than they know.
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When you speak, who listens?

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