"I like this ransom idea because I'm a little bit in the hole"

—Keith Carberry

Episode Description

The battle continues as The Chime tries to rescue Orth Godlove but they aren't the only ones with their sights set on him...between the Iron Choir and the Netted Wave, this Orth guy is pretty popular! Who knows what they want with him, but who's asking questions when his life—and more importantly, kredits are on the line?

This time on MechNoir: "Our Hostage Below"

Ready for action?

Plot Synopsis

AuDy turns the Kingdom Come towards the approaching group, hoping to grab their attention and lead them towards the ground crew.

On the ground, Mako avoids getting shot by an Iron Choir member, but the member now has the gun on Orth. Aria dismounts from Regent’s Brilliance and attempts to land on the gunman, but misses.

The approaching hoplites lay down a few warning shots around the group. Mako tries to bargain for Orth’s life, saying the Chime will help Sister Rust escape if she gives up Orth, but she is unconvinced.

Cass opens up a line of communication between themself, the Kingdom Come and the barge. A person introduces themself as Kimon Tell of the Netted Wave. The conversation goes nowhere though, with the Wave insistent on getting to Orth.

As the battle begins overhead, Aria convinces the man with a gun to Orth’s head to flee lest he lose his life. Mako takes the opportunity to knock Sister Rust. 

With Orth freed, the hoplites are closing in and the Kingdom Come lands behind the rest of the Chime. Aria picks up Orth and brings him inside the Brilliance. AuDy picks up Sister Rust brings her aboard the ship, hoping she may have a bounty on her.

After a short battle, the Chime manages to escape. At a meeting between Aria and Jamil, Aria sees another rogue transmission from Counterweight’s Angels showing footage of the Chime fighting off the Netted Wave and claiming that the food delivery had been recovered by them.

Cass receives an angry call from Koda, asking why the Chime are receiving credit for recovering food when it was the Netted Wave who captured and distributed it.

Featured Players

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