Counterweight is a planet in the Golden Branch star sector that serves as a central staging area for the cold war between the People's Conglomerate of Orion and the Autonomous Diaspora.

Counterweight is controlled by the Consolidated Counterweight Technocracy (CCT), which operates independently of OriCon and the Diaspora, protecting the interests of Counterweight's native population and occasionally acting as an intermediary between the two galactic powers.

Counterweight is mostly composed of a network of domed cities connected by MagLev trains. These domed cities were previously covered in bronze energy, but since the events of the Kingdom Game have been entirely upgraded with BlueSky technology in order to imitate the environment of Weight.

The Iron Choir is the only known group that lives entirely outside of the protection of the domed cities, taking residence in an area they call Seabed City.

Counterweight is home to the Divine Detachment and the Divine Order.

Spoiler: After the Holiday Special
After the events of the Kingdom Game, Orth Godlove informs The Chime that the CCT has been eliminated, with its resources reduced to only 10 credits and some loose furniture. Rather than replace the CCT with a new intermediary, OriCon and the Diaspora elected to re-invent nation states by dividing Counterweight into smaller sections of government.