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Spoiler: Formation of the Golden Branch Demarchy

The Golden Branch Demarchy is a newly formed nation in the Golden Branch Star Sector, incorporating the former Apostolosian Empire and portions of the Diaspora that have seceded. The Demarchy is led by a council of six, each person representing an aspect of society based upon the Apostolosian Eidolons. The first set of councilors were appointed directly; however, all citizens of the Demarchy select an aspect to belong to, and in the future new councilors will be determined by a lottery of all citizens belonging to the aspect whose term is up.

The seeds of the Demarchy were planted during the Golden War. Among the most commonly cited causes are the weakening of Apostolos's military, the loss of the Apostolosian people's faith in their Apokine -- who had been viewed as an infallible godhead prior to the loss of the war -- and the defection of the prominent scion of House Pelagios, Sokrates Nikon Artemisios.

After the war Sokrates wandered the Golden Branch, eventually settling on Slighter to study in the libraries of the Ethnologistical Society for a More Prosperous Golden Branch. While engaged in research, Sokrates came into contact with the Divine Integrity. The Divine had recently lost its Candidate and sensed in Sokrates a degree of integrity and compassion it had not felt in centuries, prompting it to bond with the Apostolosian.

Parallel to this series of events, the Apokine had ordered the military to capture a Rapid Evening site on the planet Torru. This installation was protected by a highly advanced series of defenses that decimated any forces sent against it, resulting in severe losses to the Apostolosians. Several members of the Apostolosian military command advised the Apokine to end the campaign; however, they continued to demand that the attacks be redoubled, in hopes of securing advanced tech that would give Apostolos the power it needed to re-expand and restore the Empire to its former glory. This request further undermined the military and populace's trust in the Apokine.

Argus, the general on Torru, began to discreetly slow down and redirect their attacks to try and save as many of the soldiers lives as possible. This in turn led to strife between loyalist troops and those disillusioned by the Apokine.

Into this cauldron Sokrates and Integrity descended. The Exiled Scion appeared before the Apostolosian forces, giving an impassioned speech about the responsibilities of a leader to their people and how the Apokine had betrayed that responsibility. Sokrates then single-handedly penetrated the installation and disabled the Rapid Evening defenses.

The now rebellious Apostolosian military returned to Apostolos with Sokrates at its head. The majority of the populace of Apostolos welcomed the rebels with open arms. Sokrates and the rebellious Apostolosian general paraded through the Capitol to the Apokine's palace with minimal resistance. Upon entering the throne room, the enraged Apokine charged Sokrates, who could not bear to defend themself from their own parent. Before the Apokine could strike down Sokrates, Argus drew a weapon and shot the Apokine themself, delivering a mortal wound.


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