The Apostolosian Eidolons 
Apole - Paragon of Personal Sacrifice, Family, and the Collection of Resources
Apotine - Paragon of Security, Patience, and Monuments
Apoanta - Paragon of Journeys, Commerce, and Challenging Oneself
Apote - Paragon of Instruction, Celebration, and Wolves (represents all animals)
Apothesa - Paragon of Construction, Military Action, and History
Apokine - The Sitting Monarch of Apostolos

The Apostolosian Empire was a monarchy founded by the inhabitants of Apostolos. It is ruled by an emperor called the Apokine, with the title being passed down to the oldest child of the current Apokine. The ruling Imperial House is House Pelagios.

Apostolosian myth claims that they are descended from the founders of Atlantis, and that they are a separate species which evolved from fish as opposed to primates. Whether there is any truth to this is unclear, and to all appearances Apostolosians appear almost completely human.

Their language, architecture and fashion draw heavily from ancient Greek designs, including their Colossi, which often take the appearance of Ancient Greek soldiers.

Apostolosian culture centers around six Eidolons, mythic figures who exemplify an aspect of society and serve as paragons for individuals to emulate. Each Apostolosian chooses a patron from these figures to follow when they come of age. Traditional Apostolosian gender appears to be based on a sixfold system determined by one's chosen Eidolon.

The last Apokine launched a campaign of aggression attempting to conquer the entire Golden Branch Star Sector. Apostolosian forces were eventually defeated by the combined efforts of OriCon and the Diaspora.

As a consequence of its defeat, the Empire had to relinquish all of its holdings outside of the Apostolosian home system and has lost much of its former power and influence.


The Apostolosian Empire was recently dissolved after a coup led by Sokrates Nikon Artemisios and has become part of the Golden Branch Demarchy.

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