Cassander Timaeus Berenice, also known as Mister Real Estate, was the third child born to House Pelagios the ruling family of Apostolos. If not for the Golden War, Cassander would likely have lived their life as a minor noble functionary free from both want and expectation.

During the war Cassander entered the military as was tradition for a Child of House Pelagios, and as such receiving training in piloting Colossi and military tactics during their youth. However when the war broke out they eschewed a command position to enroll in the Iatrokos (Medical) Corp where they met Koda Whitegloves.

A grievous injury to their eldest sibling (Euanthe Akakios Themistokles) and the banishment of their second oldest sibling (Sokrates) thrust Cassander in to the spotlight as the new heir apparent. They appeared in propaganda films during this period. Euanthe’s miraculous recovery at the end of the war saw Cass banished from Apostolosian space. Settling on Counterweight Cass didn’t find a lot of work for disgraced royal dignitaries so they started working with the Chime. Cass longs to return to the noble life but deep down they know that they aren’t suited for it anymore; their time on the fringes of polite society have left them too rough, too direct, with a temper too short, to ever go back home.

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