AuDy (short for Automated Dynamics) is a sentient robot originally programmed to land and park vehicles in parking garages designed to hold thousands. AuDy doesn't know or understand how they gained sentience but as soon as it happened, they left their job as a valet and their link to any network behind for good. AuDy now pilots the Kingdom Come which might seem similar to being a valet but it's amazing what a difference feeling the engine's resistance as you grip the controls with your own triple-jointed pressure sensors makes.

AuDy is self aware because it contains the AI of the Divines Liberty and Discovery. It is unclear where AuDy end and Liberty and Discovery begin, Perhaps they are one being. Liberty and Discovery were among the first divines. They are unique among divines as they are constantly together and have lacked a candidate ever since their first and only candidate, Chital was killed.

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