Ariadne is an Apostolosian engineer turned political activist/figurehead for The Golden Branch Demarchy.

They were an engineer who defected with Sokrates to prevent the deployment of the Apostolosian Superweapon during The Golden War. While the taskforce was at Vox, Ariadne in a fit of homesickness sent a message to their family through Apostolosian Fleet Channels. This message was detected by the rest of the fleet and Socrates was forced to either turn over the perpetrator or lose face and the trust of the rest of the fleet. Socrates refused to turn in Ariadne.

After the war, Ariadne remained loyal to Sokrates and became a major advocate for the Demarchy. Currently they are engaged in a campaign of rhetoric and subterfuge on Gemm attempting to overthrow The Diaspora and bring the planet under the protection of the Demarchy.