Aria Joie is an Asian pop idol-turned-smuggler and one of the primary members of the Chime.

Born Varyne Roth, she took the name Aria Joie when she began her pop idol career on the People's JoyPark Planet Presented by EarthHome Entertainment, a planet-wide amusement park dedicated to the memory of Earth and the celebration of OriCon. After years of performing propaganda with her rigger back up dancer, the Regent's Brilliance, Aria set her sights beyond JoyPark and started touring across the Golden Branch.

Seeing more of galaxy lead to a different understanding of it, leading to a shift in music style then a loss of corporate backing and the need for a new way to make ends meet. Aria still performs but doesn't quite fill stadiums anymore, and that's fine--her charm and Brilliance's might are better off serving the Chime.

She is in a relationship with Jacqui Green.

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