The Arete is the Colossi of the Apokine, the former emperor of Apostolos. The Arete is currently owned and operated by Cassander. It first appears in Episode 23.

It is a military mech, with Power 2: Huge and Aggressive, Armor 2, Looks 2: Muscular and Luxurious. Weaknesses are: Cramped (x2), Picky, and Owned. It is cramped because the Apokine is not expected to pick people up; it is picky because there is only one of it and there are not many parts for it. Weapons are a plasma line launcher, which is like a space taser, solar missile pods, and the marble blade, which is as it sounds.

Additional Information

  • "Arete" is a word from ancient Greek (ἀρετή) meaning "excellence" or "virtue".