The Apokine is the title of the sitting Emperor of Apostolos. According to legend the First Emperor took the name Apokine and all others have used that name in their honor.

The planet Garden was named Apokine when it was part of the Apostolosian Empire.


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The Apokine was also the first Colossus built by the Ancient Apostolosians (the Apostles) after freeing themselves from Rigour when it was flung into Ionias by the detonation of the second spacebridge. They designed this mech to allow a single leader to link the minds and wills of their people and create a more perfect society. In the process of creating and building the Apokine, the Apostles took care to not incorporate any of Rigour's tech into this new style of mecha.

At some point in Apostolos' past the Apokine was buried on September. It was unearthed decades before the Golden War by Ibex and Maryland September. They reverse engineered its ability to commune with the minds of Apostolosians and used this tech to create Voice.

During the September Incident, Cassander Timaeus Berenice came into contact with the Apokine, causing it to reactivate and giving the Chime a much needed weapon against Rigour.

During Rigour's attempt to return and assimilate the Golden Branch, the Apokine was instrumental in protecting Apostolos from Rigour's drones. Once the Golden Branch Demarchy was safe, Cass took the Apokine back to September and pinned Rigour, with the Apokine's spear, to the planet that was slowly falling into the system's star.

The Apokine appeared to be made of some type of stone and was chiseled to look like a Greek warrior armed with a spear and a shield. In addition, it could draw energy from the will and focus of the Apostolosian people to create devastating energy attacks.